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Thank you for your application to adopt one of our retired racing greyhounds.  Feel free to contact Greyhound Friends of NJ with any questions you have during the application process.
5/1/2020 Due to a decrease in the number of retired racing greyhounds, GFNJ is not able to accommodate every application.  T he Application Fee is currently waived.
Your greyhound will be spayed or neutered, their teeth cleaned, the inoculations updated and a heartworm test will be given.  Your greyhound will receive a new Martingale collar and leash which are used for greyhounds.
You may fill out the following application and submit it on-line--preferred method of submission; you may copy the application and e-mail it to; or you may print a copy and mail it.  We will contact you soon after receiving your application.  Please submit an application with only one rescue group.
As of 10/10/22 the Adoption Fee for overseas dogs has increased to $1000.
As of 11/15/22 the Adoption Fee for US racers has increased to $750.

This is to help defray some of the cost of welcoming these dogs to GFNJ.