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Articles from the GFNJ Newsletter -

N. J. Home Stretch

(Volume 9, Issue 1- Spring, 2006)



GFNJ Welcomes New President


Dear Greyhound Friends:


  In February we said farewell to Founder and President Barbara Wicklund as she and her husband, Vice-President Al Wicklund, begin a much deserved retirement.  Barbara founded Greyhound Friends of NJ, Inc almost 20 years ago and in so doing has touched the loves of thousands of people and dogs.  At the forefront of Greyhound rescue, Barb ara and Al have worked tirelessly to improve, elevate, and bring attention to the plight of retired racing greyhounds.  Over 3,000 grateful greyhounds and their equally grateful families with Barbara and Al the very best in their new endevors.


   I am pleased and honored to carry on as President of Greyhound Friends.  I was very familiar with manyh of the chores I was undertaking, the primary one being the arranging for transportation of greyhounds from tracks in the northeast, Florida and other racing states, and matching the dogs with loving families.  These past weeks have offered some surprises, too.


  Grove was picked up running along Route 183 in York, PA by Kevin Alexander who was driving his truck.  Grove was being transported from a track in Florida to Linda Jensen's adoption kennel following a track injury.  A faulty latch on the dog truck opened and Grove was out and on her own.  Efforts to find her by the hauler were frantic but futile.  Kevin took Grove home and he and his wife Theresa are fostering Grove, and will adopt her.  Grove is probably going to require orthopedic surgery by our favorite orthopedist, Dr. Gregory Zolton.  A courtesy home visit by Kathy Gleason and Janet Wagner gave Mr and Mrs Alexander the highest recommendation as an adoptive home for Grove.  The Alexanders received a reward from the racing owner for the kindness they showed to Grove.


  Meeka ia a 10 year old victim of divorce. Neither partner was able to keep her or pay for surgery to treat salivary mucocoele and ranula.  Laura and Gary Mease have had experience with this problem and stepped in to help.  Their neighbors, Harry and Claire smith and their greyhound, Bubba, are generously fostering Meeka and seeing her through recouperation.  Patty Comerford will soon begin an eBay auction to help with Meeka's medical expenses and we hope you'll participate.


  You may have seen on our website our three neglected dogs that came from a rescue gone bad.  We were happy to accept and help Dakota, Mac and Studly.  Mac and Studly have already been adopted (Mac by his foster parents).  Dakota will soon be ready after treatment for a case of babesia, a tick-bourne disease.  We're especially grateful to Harlingen Vet Tech Kayla Burlew, Terryl Jackson, Maria  Lutz and Bill Brouillaird who met the dogs on a cold Friday night in February when they arrrived.  Also, to Sherry Kilpatrick and her friend, Pat, who drove to South Carolina to get the dogs !!


  There will be many more of these cases. GFNJ is a "Go To" rescue for emergencies because of tis wonderful volunteers and the support from GFNJ family members like you.  In the past two months, I have been pleasently overwhelmed by and so grateful for the amount of help and true concern for the greyhounds, demonstrated by volunteers as we move into a new era for Greyhound Friends of  NJ.  Thank you - and I'll keep you posted.


Linda Lyman




2005 Grants Received


Foundations, corporations and individuals provided much needed support to GFNJ during the past year.  A late 2004 grant of $10,000 from The Natalie W. Furniss Charitable Trust provided orthopedic care for track injured dogs throughout 2005, and a $5000 award from PETsMART Charities helped provide veterinary care for some of the greyhounds going through the foster program at Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility.  The Church & Dwight Co., thanks to Terryl Jackson, provided general operating support awards and Lynn Heiler facilitated one grant from Porsche Cars of America and another from The Onyx & Breezy Foundation.  Additionally, several individual families made generous contributions to GFNJ in 2005.  We are grateful for all of these gifts and hope you will remember Greyhound Friends when planning your charitable giving.  As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, Greyhound Friends is also eligible for corporate matching gift programs.  For information or to get help with a grant, please contact Donna Patt at



Meet and Greet: A Social Experience for You and Your Grey


by Irene Ullmann

I first saw greyhounds in a PETsMART almost nine years ago.  They left a lasting impression on me and when our collie passed, we waited a few months and adopted Brandy, our first greyhound.


We had her just a few weeks, attended our first Meet & Greet, and have been hooked ever since.  We have made lasting friendships with other Meet & Greet participants and the dogs have an enjoyable afternoon getting petted and cookied.


If you can give just an hour a month to bring your grey(s) to a PETsMART, Petco or other Meet & Greet location in your neighborhood, you will bring public awareness to the personality and pet-ability of your dog.  You’ll be surprised at the questions we get asked and amazed at the generosity of the shoppers.  Try it and let me know how it went.  I am at the Manalapan PETsMART every third Saturday.




Dakota is a beautiful red fawn boy who is very, very affectionate once he gets to know you.  Smart and beautiful, he will do well in a home with no cats or very small children.


Spanish Galgos Need Our Help


A track in Spain has recently closed and rescue groups are trying to relocate as many greyhounds as possible.  Supplies to help the effort may be brought to our May 21st picnic.  Needed are gently used collars and leashes, muzzles, dog coats, first aid supplies and medications.  A collection box will be set up at the park.  For more information on the Galgos, you can visit this website:



Michelle and Eden


Michelle is a young woman who has wanted a dog her entire life.  Each year she pleaded wit her parents for a dog, but the answer was always the same - “No dog!”  But, at the age of 24, Michelle has finished her education, has a job, an apartment, a roommate, and a dog - Eden (aka EAS Dream Big)!  After researching what breed would be best for her lifestyle and reading several books, Michelle applied to Greyhound Friends.  Due to apartment restrictions, Michelle required a small greyhound.  In her pre-adoption interview Michelle said she’d be willing to wait years in order for us to find her a tiny greyhound.  Within 6 weeks, EAS Dream Big became available at the track and joined GFNJ.  After waiting 24 years Michelle adopted her tiny greyhound in early April and has named her Eden.  Since Michelle works during the day and her roommate works at night Eden has lots of company.  Eden is settling in nicely and Michelle thinks it was worth the wait!



Foster Homes Always Needed


Caring foster parents are always needed.  Dogs need to be fostered in a home for a variety of reasons, including recuperation from a surgical procedure such as spaying/neutering or broken leg recovery.  A temporary safe haven is needed for returned dogs and shy dogs benefit from the comfort of a home with another grey and loving foster parents.


If you can foster a grey for a few days, a few weeks or a few months, please contact Terryl Jackson at 908 203-0070 or or Kathy Carstensen at 201 836-7517 or  



Beautiful Day for a Parade      


Greyhound Friends of NJ marched in the Morristown St Patrick's Day Parade on March 11th.  We had a great turnout of about 40 dogs (and their owners), many wearing hats, bandanas and other green attire to mark the occasion.  Everyone enjoyed the warm, spring-like weather and the crowds, as usual, cheered when we walked by.  This event, as many others we participate in, gives people an opportunity to see and pet a Greyhound, sometimes for the first time.  Keep checking and join us at the many events we participate in all around the tri-state area.



Location Switched For Spring Picnic


The first of our three fabulous picnics will be here shortly along with the arrival of warmer weather!  Please mark your calendar for SUNDAY, MAY 21 for the GFNJ Spring Picnic at Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, NJ.


We are offering a greyt full service day from 11am to 3pm:

- Adoptable Dogs - Only pre-approved applicants can adopt on Picnic day

- Therapy Dog Certification Testing ($15) - See requirements at

- Contests - chow hound; best trick; dog/owner look-a-like; best costume

- Nail Cutting

- GFNJ Merchandise/Retail Table

- Outside Vendors - good stuff for dogs and their humans

- Lunch from the Grill - hot dogs, hamburgers

- Bake Sale

- Spectacular Raffle Table



Stephanie Trump will be coordinating the collection of 20 oz plastic bottles. The ideal bottles to send TerraCycle are de-labeled 20oz bottles, for example (Mountain Dew Bottles, Pepsi Bottles, and Aquafina bottles). If you send us ideal bottles you will receive $0.06 / bottle.  Collection bins will be scattered around the picnic area.


Many of our adoptable dogs will be available at the picnic for you to meet.  Anyone who is interested in adopting either their first greyhound or adding to their greyhound family should complete either an on-line application or mail one.  All applications must be pre-approved.


As always, we will need plenty of volunteers to help our day flow smoothly.  From setup starting at 8:00 am, cleanup, running contests, raffle prize table maintenance, sales tables/cashiers help, grill chefs to food purchasing, the opportunities are abundant.


If you can dedicate an hour or two, please contact Donna Patt at 908 654-5790 or to sign up.  If you can loan a crate for the day to the adoptable dogs section, please also let Donna know.


In the past we have been blessed with your huge generosity of RAFFLE TABLE PRIZES and BAKE SALE ITEMS.  We hope we can count on your continued support, as these venues are pure profit for the care of the hounds.


We are looking forward to a fun-filled and safe event.  Bring your comfy chairs and blankets and spend the day with your favorite companions.  Please be armed with poop bags to keep the park clean.  Small dogs, if attending, must be held at all times, as they can be prey to some of our keen hunters.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.


At the "Raffle Ticket" sales table you can drop off empty ink jet or laser printer cartridges and old cell phones, which are turned in for cash; also there you can deposit your Pro Plan weight circles which are cashed in for veterinary dollars and purchases or food for the Prison Program.  There will be a collection bin at "Patty's Collars" sales table for donations of gently used coats, collars and meds (in or out of date) to be sent to the Spanish Galgos.


The RSVP response form for picnic attendance has been eliminated.  Check the "Events" page of our website for any additional information.




From the North: Garden State Parkway South, exit at Union 140A onto Rt 22 West.  Go about 25 miles to Rt 202 South towards Flemington.  Go about 5 miles to Milltown Road, turn right, take the jughandle across Rt 202 and continue down Milltown Road to the end.  Turn left and the park will be on your right.


From the South: Garden State Parkway North, cross the Driscoll Bridge and take the first exito onto Rt 286 North.  Exit from the left lane onto Rt 22 West and proceed as above.


From Rt 287 South: Exit for Rts 202/206 South.  Follow Rt 202 towards Flemington and proceed as above.


From NJ Turnpike: Take exit 10, then Rt 287 North and proceed as above.

The first of our three fabulous picnics will be here shortly along with the arrival of warmer weather!  Please mark your calendar for SUNDAY, MAY 21 for the GFNJ Spring Picnic at Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, NJ.


And these soon to be Prison Grads !!!



Scorpian - a handsome, sweet boy who is not cat safe.



Mystery Manomine - gorgeous, sweet boy who is not cat safe.


Update on 9th Annual GFNJ Craft Show & Pet Expo


In December 2005, GFNJ once again held a very successful Craft Show & Pet Expo at the Somerset County 4-H Building.  Wonderful vendors, an extraordinary raffle, jolly Santas, a terrific bake sale, great kitchen fare and a wide variety of dogs with their humans helped make this two day event lots of fun and a profitable fundraiser for GFNJ.


We would like to thank all of the people who helped throughout the year to make the Craft Show a success:


our vendors

our sponsors

the businesses and people who donated raffle prizes, as well as the folks who bought raffle tickets

the people (and dogs) wh oattended the show

the volunteers who helped run the show

the volunteers who worked so hard throughout the year to organize the Craft Show:

Bill Brouillard          

Chris Griffith     

Donna Patt      

Janet Marshall  

Kathy Sidie       

Linda Lyman

Laura Meese   

Lynn Heiler          

Maria Lutz       

Mary O’Donnell                  

Patty Comerford                

Rose Comerford                      

Terryl Jackson    

Trish O’Donnell                    

Yvonne LaChapelle



Used printer cartridges, cell phones can net us $$


Please bring your used cell phones and printer cartridges with you to the picnic.  Your old cell phones and empty cartridges means cash to Greyhound Friends and your Pro Plan weight circles will help pay our veterinary bills.


GFNJ Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2005


During fiscal year 2005, Greyhound Friends of NJ, Inc had a total income of $210,000 and ended the year with a net operating income of almost $30,000.


As a comparison, GFNJ ended 2004 with a total income of almost $190,000 and a net operating income of over $23,000.


Donations for 2005 totaled $125,464.  Membership dues brought in $10,783, a $1500 increase over the prior year.


The semi-annual picnics accounted for $10,622, up from $6,854 for 2004.  Other fundraising brought in $14,830, and product sales accounted for $6,082.


On the expense side, veterinary bills were GFNJ’s largest expense, at $89,815.44.  Kennel fees were $37,798, slightly down form 2004.  Other costs include car expenses, equipment, insurance, office supplies, rent, telephone and utilities.



The More the Merrier


Greys love seeing Greys - Adopters love meeting with Adopters.  Please join Meet & Greets, taking place each week and come to the picnics, fairs and craft show.  Just showing up, talking and showing off your grey is fun and supports GFNJ.  Volunteers are always welcome!



Marauder's foster calls him a "love bug", who is living well with other greys.  He walks well on leash, loves ear and tummy rubs, and is ready for his forever cat-free home.




A Perspective on Fostering


Remember how excited you were when you got your first greyhound?  The anticipation for a few days before - wondering if you’ll make a good greyhound owner, and if your new greyhound will make the adjustment easily from track to home life?  And do you also remember how easily your greyhound learned about your home and how easily he or she made that transition?  Well, a foster dog can be just as exciting.  I’ve been fostering for quite a few years and still lay awake the night before I get a new foster wondering about my new dog and what he or she will be like.


Recently, I fostered a shy boy - he was afraid of just about everything; but within the first 24 hours, he was a little more confident.  And his first night when that dog looked up at me just before he drifted off to sleep, I could see his eyes saying “I’m so glad you’re taking care of me now.”  By the second day, he wasn’t afraid of me anymore, and by the third day he was very comfortable.  A shy dog takes a little longer to get comfortable, but once they get settled, they blossom quickly.


Currently, I’m fostering a big beautiful fawn boy who spent a little over a week in the kennel.  He settled in to my home very quickly and I found myself saying to him on the first night he was here, “is it possible you’ve only been with me a few hours?”  He was so quickly settling into our routine, it amazed me.


One of the first things I do with a grey is take them for a long walk - just me and him - not a walk where there’s sniffing and looking around - but a walk to establish that I’m in control here and he can relax and not have to worry about anything.  We focus on simply walking and it helps to relieve some of their anxiety, as well as a lot of pent up energy.  After about a half an hour of walking, now they are ready to meet my greys.  With everyone muzzled, we meet in my fenced back yard and, after a minute or two of sniffing, everything goes back to normal and we proceed into the house.  Generally, I let a foster walk around with a leash on for the first 24 hours or so - this allows me to quickly correct him if he begins to mark in the house.  I also take them out once every hour whether they have to go or not.  This helps them learn that outside is where they need to do their business - not in the house.  I’ve been pretty successful with this routine.


As many personalities as there are with people, so there are with greyhounds - from shy, to super outgoing and friendly, to silly to serious - and everything in between.  The joy in fostering is that your get to see all these different personalities and be a part of helping to match them up to the best forever home possible,  And that’s what a few days or weeks in a foster home is the most helpful with - you get to assess the dog and give us good feedback about what he or she is like and what kind of home would best suit them.


Sure, sometimes its hard to let that sweet greyhound go on to their forever home, but knowing that you’ve helped put them into the best home possible makes it easier.  And many times, I’ve become good friends with the new owners.  It’s a good way to expand your greyhound knowledge and network of greyhound friends.  Both the dog and you benefit.


So next time you’re wondering “… is fostering for me …” or “… do I have room for one more dog for a few days or a week or two…” Go ahead!  Take the plunge into fostering.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have with greyhounds and I guarantee, you won’t regret it.


Terryl Jackson

GFNJ Foster Coordinator - Central & Southern NJ



"Taking a chance means giving a chance."


Buy a chance for $10 and be in the drawing for a Panasonic 42 inch plasma TV (First Prize), an Apple 1 GB black iPod nano with Color LCD (Second Prize) or a Polaroid PDC 3.3 Megapixel Digital Camera. 

Drawing will be held on September 24, 2006.


Please click here to go to the flyer



Humane Society of AC & Greyhound Friends of NJ, Inc

Annual Walk-A-Thon and Picnic


Saturday, June 24, 2006  11am - 3pm

Atlantic County Park

Rt 50 - Estell Manor, NJ

Pavilions A & C


Please click here to go to the flyer