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Articles from the GFNJ Newsletter -

N. J. Home Stretch
(Volume 9, Issue 3- Fall/Winter, 2006)

Blue Newsletter   Dear Greyhound Friends,

“Celebrating Twenty Years and More Than 3000 Greyhounds”

  Almost 21 years ago, Barbara and Al Wicklund placed their first greyhound, and so began a long and successful history.  Our success is measured in the lives of more than 3,000 greyhounds who have been saved and placed into their forever homes.  Our success is also measured by the high standards set for providing all greyhounds who come under the Greyhound Friends umbrella with a forever safety net.  This legacy continues as we move forward into the next twenty years.  Some things have changed but the care and concern for the greyhound is at the core of this organization and that has not and will not change.

  At the GFNJ Craft Show on December 2nd
and 3rd we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary with a commemorative tote bag and t-shirt.  An additional milestone — this year’s Craft Show will be the 10th Annual Event that GFNJ has hosted.  Where does the time go? I can still remember the small start that we had in a church hall in South Jersey with the plans being launched from my living room.  GFNJ has come a long way in many respects but always with the ongoing goal of responsible and ethical placement of retired greyhounds.  

  I hope you will attend and support the Craft Show at the 4-H Building in Bridgewater, NJ.  The Craft Show is one of our fundraisers and the biggest of the year.  The vendors — both animal and people oriented;  the ever popular Tricky Tray; the Santa photos (this year digital) of your greyhound or other beloved pet; the great bake sale; the greyhound products that every well-dressed greyhound “needs”; and of course, the greyhound camaraderie — all greet you at the Craft Show.  Holiday  shopping and fun at its best with all of the proceeds going directly to benefit those greyhounds who still need their forever home!

  Adoption Update:  We have been inundated with requests to take greyhounds from tracks from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Florida.  Belmont Track in NH has closed for the winter season and there is the usual Fall glut of greyhounds from this closing.  Wonderland and Raynhem tracks in  Massachusetts continue to send many dogs to GFNJ.  Florida always has many hundreds of excess dogs every week that GFNJ tries to help. It is an endless task, but seeing the tranquil face of a greyhound sleeping in front of a fireplace sure makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Looking forward to seeing you on Dec. 2nd
or 3rd at the Craft Show!  Once again, thanks for all of your support and help. 


Linda Lyman



How About a “Meet and Greet”? 

  Do you know what a “Meet and Greet” is? You have probably attended one or more and learned about greyhounds and GFNJ at one of these gatherings.  A Meet and Greet is a public information event: a way to introduce and to educate the public about our retired racing greyhounds. 

  Some Meet and Greets are held by dedicated volunteers on a regular monthly basis at venues such as PETCO or PETsMART.  Some are “special event” Meet and Greets, taking place at an “adoptathon”, street fair, grocery store, chili cook-off, or wherever there may be a receptive audience for the message: “Retired racing greyhounds can be greyt animal companions.”   

  A Meet and Greet is also an opportunity to fundraise.  However, collecting money is not the primary objective of a Meet and Greet so don’t be disappointed if, at the end of three hours, you have only $25 in your jar.  On the other hand, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that a generous soul has put a $50 or $100 check in the jar.  Either way, the success of a Meet and Greet is not necessarily determined by dollars taken in, but by the number of good homes developed for greyhounds.  This may be tough to measure since you may have planted the greyhound seed that won’t grow for several years. You will find people who are amazed at the gentleness and friendliness of our greyhounds.  This is
great publicity

Meet and Greets can be a lot of fun for you and your greyhound! A shy greyhound can gain confidence and socialization and a confident greyhound will just plain enjoy the attention.  You can start by attending and participating at an existing Meet and Greet.  Greyhound Friends of NJ prides itself in being a unique rescue family and the only way to find out about how we operate is to learn from those who have been around for awhile.  

  Hopefully, you and your greyhound will enjoy the Meet and Greet and you might consider hosting your own.  Just contact Linda Lyman to discuss and you will be “mentored” by one of the experienced Meet and Greet hosts.  The Meet and Greet venues that you can explore are only limited by your imagination.  

  Meet and Greets are a tried-and-true way of
bringing our greyhounds to the public’s attention.  That means that we—people and hounds—are “on display.”  Best foot and paw forward!  And thank you for helping Greyhound Friends by taking part in a Meet and Greet, be it once a year, once a month, or once a week.


Thank you Church & Dwight Co., Inc. 

The next time you’re shopping for household cleaners or deodorizers, oral care products, laundry or pet care products, think of Church     & Dwight.  The makers of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and many other products, Church & Dwight has awarded Greyhound Friends of New Jersey a grant through its Employee Giving Fund. Their contribution of $3,500 will be dedicated to bringing to New Jersey the greyhounds that finish their careers in Florida.  This award would have been impossible without GF Board member, Terryl Jackson and her sister, Virginia Jackson, dedicated volunteer.  We are so grateful to Virginia for submitting Greyhound Friends for consideration.  If the company where you work offers similar grant-giving programs, we hope you’ll submit Greyhound Friends NJ for an award. We can help you with the paperwork.



Lady Bird  Lady Bird is an adorable three-year-old female. She is wonderful, just not with cats. Lady Bird is very friendly and would love to be part of a  family. She is in the Prison Program now and will be available in December.  She is an active girl but doing well under the training of the Prison Program. 
Newsletter Bird



Hero Dogs
By Francis Lutz

Lutz Dogs 

Walking my three greyhounds is one of the true joys of my life. Bucky, Sugar Plum and Sleeper love their daily walks through our neighborhood and so do I. 

  Occasionally we've come across a loose dog, but generally when my three start barking the loose dog backs down and returns home. 

  Recently we were taking our routine afternoon walk when I noticed that new neighbors had moved in along with their pit bull. We came around the corner and arrived home. I picked up the mail and headed up the driveway when all of a sudden we were attacked from behind by the pit bull. The next three minutes are a blur but I do remember being on the ground, holding on to my dogs' leashes and wondering how all this was  going to end. 

  The pit bull would not back down. The most amazing part of the experience is that my three greyhounds fought like a pack to preserve the pack. I will never know whether they were protecting me or themselves but it was obvious that they were working as a team.  

  Eventually the pit bull gave up and returned home. My dogs survived with surprisingly little  injury and so did the pit bull. I had several conversations with our new neighbors who assured me the gate from where the dog escaped will be repaired and the dog will never be loose again. Since then, the pit bull has either been on a leash or inside his home.

  The most important lesson I learned from all of this is to be aware of my surroundings and alert for loose animals. I've changed my walking
route to avoid aggressive dogs and dangerous situations. I carry my cell phone and an extra leash. 

  Mostly, I am now keenly aware of the instinct that drives our gentle dogs and I know they will do what they must to protect their greyhound family.




  If you have moved, or are planning to move, please notify GFNJ of your address and phone number change.  With every mailing, we get  at least two dozen undeliverable returns.  In addition, please be sure to give us your current email address for our email mailing list.  You can contact Patty Comerford by phone at (732)566-2226, or email at
  This is also a good time to check you dog's tags. Do you have a tag on your dog with your phone number and cell phone number? What about your GFNJ tag? If it is worn and unreadable or does not have the current phone   number, which is 732-356-4370, please call us at that  number to request a new one.



Newsletter Rocco   Friendly and confident, JNJ Rocco Vages turned three years old in June. He is not cat safe. He has a handsome smallish face with a wonderful black mask.  Rocco Vages is in the Prison Program and will be available in December. Won't you put Adoption Pending on his website? 


Newsletter Ian  Energizer is very shy and is in a foster home with other greyhounds to gain some confidence. He is gorgeous, and with TLC and    another greyhound, will make a great companion. Energizer is not small animal tolerant.





Weight circles from Pro Plan dog food bags help us pay our veterinary bills and buy food for the dogs in our prison foster program. Please cut the circles from the side of the bag and send to Greyhound Friends of NJ.


Greyhound Friends of New Jersey, Inc. Membership Application

Greyhound Friends of NJ Membership Dues go for the care of the greyhounds. For an annual donation of $25 or more, members will receive a newsletter subscription and member decal; for $50 or more members will receive a newsletter subscription, decal and T-shirt; for the generous gift of $100, members will receive newsletter subscription, decal and sweatshirt. Write your check today, payable to Greyhound Friends of NJ, Inc. and mail it with this form to:

Greyhound Friends of NJ., Inc., P.O. Box 4416, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0669.

Yes, I want to help Greyhound Friends of NJ care for the greyhounds.


Phone _________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

Amount Enclosed $ ____________

T-shirt/sweatshirt size (M,L,XL) ______________ 

__________ I don’t want a premium; please use the entire donation to help the greyhounds. 


Greyhound Friends of NJ’s 10th Annual Craft Show & Pet Expo

Craft Show Newsletter
Looking for that special holiday gift?  Does your dog NEED a new coat, collar or toy?  Can’t resist a pet photo with Santa? Have you heard about our awesome Tricky Tray? Then join us at Greyhound Friends of NJ’s 10th Annual Craft Show & Pet Expo.  GFNJ's biggest fundraiser of the year will once again be held at the 4-H Building on Milltown Road, Bridgewater (across from North Branch Park).  

The dates are:
Saturday, December 2nd from 9am to 4pm and Sunday, December 3rd from 10am to 4pm.

The highlights include:  
· Our Tricky Tray, which has gotten bigger and better each year – you can view the Tricky Tray prizes on line at  Prize baskets include 2 Giants tickets, a timeshare in Las Vegas, a bike, tickets to the State Theater and George Street Playhouse, a TV, digital camera, DVD, greyhound statues, collars and much, much more!!!  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 or $50 for 75 tickets. 

· Wonderful vendors – old friends from previous years as well as vendors new to us this year offer terrific items for people and pets.

· Santa photos – this year GFNJ has gone digital!  We offer pet photos with Santa for $5, or a package deal of a photo and a stuffie for $10.

· Holiday bake table – please bring a donation (cake, cookies, brownies, etc.) and go home with some goodies for yourself.

· GFNJ adoption table - some of our ‘looking for forever homes’ dogs will be attending the show.

· Kitchen fare – bagels and Starbucks coffee in the morning; veggie chili and cornbread, hot dogs or hamburgers for lunch.

· Kay Klotzback’s original oil painting raffle will be held on  Sunday, December 3rd. 


Your help, as always, is greatly appreciated. Tell friends, family, co-workers and neighbors about the Craft Show.  Admission is $5 – children under 12 get in free.

As mentioned above, we need baked goods, including corn bread to serve with the veggie chili.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Donna Patt at
  We need volunteers to help in the kitchen, to sell tickets, help at the adoption table, etc on Saturday and Sunday
Most importantly, help is needed Friday night to set-up and Sunday after 4pm to take-down. 

If you want information on the Tricky Tray, please contact Terryl Jackson at

If you want general information about the Craft Show & Pet Expo, please contact Patty Comerford at 732 566-2226 or